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Become a pilot

Daily training (weather permitting)!

Procedure of your training to obtain Paragliding Gliding Licence:

Taster day (1 day)

Cost: CHF 100

You are not sure if flying is for you? Then find out on a taster day. After a briefing as well as some first exercises, you will already take off during the taster day. All the necessary paragliding equipment will be provided for the taster day. The taster day can be continued in the basic course and the course fee for the taster day will be credited to you.

Basic Course (4-5 days)

Cost: CHF 600

On thetraining hill slope you will learn the basic flying skills within 4-5 days and you will be able to perform smaller flights from the very first day. Once you have mastered take-off preparation, take-off, flight and landing, it is time for your first high altitude flight. All the necessary paragliding equipment is provided for the basic course.

High-Flights und theory

Any number of high flights during 1 year

Cost: CHF 1’700

After your first high-altitude flight, you will carry out flights in various flying areas as part of your high-altitude flight training (e.g. in Davos vom Jakobshorn, Parsenn and Schatzalp in Klosters from the Gotschna-Grat and Madrisa, in Prättigau: various areas around our Grüsch/Fanas training centre). Now it’s time to fly and train in order to get ready for the exam (at least 50 high-altitude flights are required to pass the exam). Depending on the weather conditions, you will perform up to 4-5 flights on one training day. You will be guided by a flight instructor via radio.


Your well-founded training also includes a theoretical part that prepares you for your flying career and the theoretical examination. The theory is divided into the following subjects: Flight theory – materials science – flight practice – meteo and legislation. The theory lessons are held in our shop in Grüsch (optionally in Davos). Online participation via zoom conference is also possible.  Most of the flights are carried out with shuttle or cable car support. However, Hike&Fly is already an integral part of your training with us, and we regularly conduct Hike&Fly tours. The costs for shuttle and mountain railways are not included in the indicated price. You will receive the necessary paraglider material, including the necessary pilot liability insurance, until the 10th high altitude flight. If you buy your new equipment from us, you will be credited with a CHF 500 discount.


Organised by the Swiss Hanggliding Federation

To prove your acquired knowledge you have to pass a theory and a practice exam. The Swiss Hanggliding Federation (SHV) organises the corresponding examination dates.

Training for pilots

  • Flight area briefings / flying together in Davos and Klosters
  • Become a tandem pilot (Level 1-3)
  • Fly&Hike Touren (moderate or high alpine with mountain guide)
  • Groundhandling-training (best valley wind conditions in Davos)

Become a tandem pilot (Level 1)

Cost: CHF 650

After successfully passing the Biplace Level 1 exam, you are entitled to perform independent Biplace flights with other pilots. Now you can also fly with student pilots under certain conditions. We will provide you with optimum support in your training to become a Level 1 Biplace pilot:

  • Preparation for the solo entrance examination (2-3 days)
  • Instruction flight with biplace flying instructor and experienced tandem pilot Martin Heckmeier
  • 20-25 training flights Biplace under instructor supervision (paraglider-pilot passenger must be brought along)
  • Detailed debriefing: assessment and tips for test manoeuvres, take-off and landing, video analysis

The training takes place in the flying areas of Davos, Klosters and around Fanas. Costs for the cable car and shuttle are not included in the price. Up to date biplace material can be rented for CHF 180 per day.

Become a tandem pilot (Level 3)

Cost: CHF 600

If you want to fly not only with pilots, but also with real passengers, you must take the training path to become a Biplace 3 pilot. To reach this level we will support you optimally.

  • Refresher for the theory examination
  • Supervision of 30 biplace training flights in 5 different flight areas (a total of 3 passengers must be brought along)
  • Detailed debriefing: assessment of test manoeuvres, take-offs and landings, video analysis

The training takes place in the flying areas of Davos, Klosters and around Fanas. Costs for the cable car and shuttle are not included in the price. Up to date biplace material can be rented for CHF 180 per day.


Training courses take place mainly outdoors. For theory lessons we have a training location in the centre of Davos / near the congress centre as well as our shop near the train station Grüsch im Prättigau.AirDavosSchulungslokalUnterricht