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Video & photos already included in the price for all tandem flights and vouchers.
Daily flight operation tandem flights and training also in the off-season.

Paragliding Tandemflights in DAVOS KLOSTERS

Paragliding also in the off-season

Auch in der Zwischensaison fliegen wir täglich in Davos! Mit kleinen Aufstiegen auf einfachen Wanderwegen erreichen wir jederzeit geeignete Startplätze. Dank der Bergbahn auf die Schatzalp undAlso in the off-season we fly daily in Davos! With small ascents on easy hiking trails we can reach suitable launch sites at any time. Thanks to the mountain railroad to the Schatzalp and the Rinerhorn, which start their summer season early, we only have to cover a few meters of altitude on foot in Hike&Fly style to get above the forest line to suitable take-off sites. If you want to walk even further up, this is also possible without any problems.

Flight booking Personal and via booking system

For your flight booking you can either contact us directly in person or reserve your desired date via our online booking system. Decide for yourself what suits you best.

Online Booking system: Flight in Davos or Klosters (Please click on the location)
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e-Mail: info@air-davos.ch
Phone/SMS: +41 79 311 57 84
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If the weather is not good on the flight day, a postponement or cancellation is free of charge for you.

Experienced tandem pilots from Davos – As Davos pilots we know our flying areas like nobody else

With our pilots, quality clearly takes precedence over quantity. As Davos pilots, we know our flying area like the back of our hand and have already performed over 15,000 flights here. We love to share our enthusiasm for flying with you on a tandem flight or as part of your flight training. The Air-Davos paragliding team includes full-time flight instructors, pilots with more than 30 years of flying experience, mountain guides and the former winner of the Swiss cross-country flight contest.

Martin Heckmeier

Martin Heckmeier

Owner, Flight&Tandem-Instruktor

Life motto: "Life is too short not to be in the air". As a full-time tandem pilot and flight instructor, I come pretty close to my goal of maximum air time. When we have flying weather, I’m on the Jakobshorn every day. But I have also gained flying experience all over the world. From South Africa, Namibia, La Reunion, Hawaii, USA, Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Greece. As a hike&fly enthusiast, I am always drawn to high mountains (e.g. Kilimanjaro, Elbrus) to fly from them. If the wind is too strong for flying, I can be found under the kite.

Roger Meisser

Roger Meisser

Tandem-Pilot, Trainer

Roger started paragliding in 1989 and can be seen from then on in the sky above Davos. Roger convinces his passengers with his calm manner and his great experience. If you don’t find him flying high above Davos, he can often be found in winter at tobogganing competitions all over Switzerland or training on the Rinerhorn. Roger is the reigning Swiss champion in luge.

Fabio Profumo

Fabio Profumo


Fabio has been flying since the early 1990s. As a former competition pilot he knows all the tricks to stay in the air as long as possible. His achievements include winning the Swiss cross-country championship title (1998). When he is not flying a tandem paraglider, he tries to improve his personal distance records and has won the annual target landing competition (Linocup) in Davos countless times.

Jan Caspar

Jan Caspar

Mountain guide&Tandem-Pilot

Jan’s flying genes and enthusiasm for flying were already laid in his cradle by his father - a Delta pilot from the very beginning. From his early childhood, he was found at the landing field and practice slope. Jan is also Swiss mountain guide (IVBV). He enjoys combining flying and mountaineering whikle offering guided Hike&Fly paragliding tours. He has already flown countless times with guests from Piz Bernina and Piz Palü. When Jan is not with guests, he can be found in the air flying cross-country.

Paragliding – Your sport for all seasons

On the mountains around Davos and Klosters are a variety of launch sites available for our paragliding flight. Weather permitting, we fly daily in the year-round flying area of Davos Klosters.

Davos Klosters Paragliding flights in summer

Paragliding in summer

Davos Klosters holds endless flight possibilities for us in summer. The mountain railroads in Klosters on the Gotschnabahn and in Davos (Jakobshorn, Schatzalp, Parsenn) bring us comfortably to our launch sites.

The constant valley wind often offers us perfect flying conditions and long flights in Davos Klosters.

In the “mountain railway-free” time in the off-season, we also do Hike&Fly flights with the tandem or switch to other flight areas in the Prättigau.

Winter Paragliding Tandemflight in Davos

Paragliding in winter

Davos is one of the top winter flying areas in Switzerland. Due to the dense forest surrounding the Jakobshorn we often have thermals even in winter. In winter, we usually take off from the Jatzhütte on the Jakobshorn. Quite often we can make additional altitude in front of the Jatzhütte launch site and view the ski area from above. The flight over the untouched snowy winter landscape is pure pleasure.

In addition to unforgettable memories, you will receive high-quality photos and a video of your flight from us: For all flights and all vouchers, this photo and video service is already included in the price!

  • Flight school

    Daily training: Training as a paraglider pilot, tandem pilot, further training for certified pilots. Ongoing taster days and basic courses. Fly in the best flying areas of the Davos Klosters, Prättigau, Engadin and Rhine Valley region.

Flight school Davos Klosters

Learn to fly – from practice slope to independent pilot

Taster Day and Basic cours: Start your training on the practice slope. Here you will learn the basic flying skills within 4-5 days and will be able to perform smaller flights from the first day on.

High flights: Depending on the weather conditions, you will perform up to 5 flights on one training day. In addition to the flight areas in Davos Klosters and in the Prättigau, we also travel to other suitable training areas.

Theory: Your well-founded training also includes a theoretical part that prepares you for your flying career and the theoretical examination. For this purpose we offer theory lessons in Davos, Grüsch and online.

Examinations: To prove your acquired knowledge you have to pass a theory and practice exam. Appropriate examination dates are organized by the
Swiss Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (SHV).

Shop, Test-Center & Atelier

Our goal is to support you in your purchase decision with the best possible advice and testing possibilities. After the purchase we offer you perfect service in our paragliding studio and in cooperation with the manufacturers. At our locations in Davos and Grüsch (Prättigau, Fanas flying area) we offer you the best possible infrastructure.

Davos Klosters: The Jakobshorn in Davos or the Gotschnagrat in Klosters offer you ideal testing opportunities all year round.

Online-Shop: We also offer all products via our online store by mail.

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