• Hike&Fly Paragliding

    Up by foot, down by paraglider

Davos – the perfect playground for Hike&Fly pilots

What could be more beautiful than flying from a peak you’ve climbed using your own strength?

For over 12 years, we’ve been infected with the Hike & Fly bug and have been able to fly from many beautiful summits with a paraglider (Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, Piz Palü, etc.). In the early years of paragliding, it was mainly alpinists who, after a strenuous ascent, looked for a quick descent method from the summit. Nowadays, many pilots undertake Hike & Fly tours.

Supported by the Red Bull X-Alps events, pilots now have access to an excellent pool of lightweight equipment. From ultra-light descent aids and single-skin paragliders to light Hike & Fly suitable cross-country flying gear, pilots have a wide selection.

Away from or with the support of the cable cars, Davos offers many touring opportunities of all difficulty levels throughout the year. We are already looking forward to the X-Alps 2019 with Davos as a turning point!

We regularly offer Hike & Fly tours for certified pilots and students ready for examination. In a safe environment with a flight instructor and mountain guide, you can realize your summit dreams here. We also offer tandem Hike & Fly experiences.

Here you can sign up for the Davos Hike & Fly / Flight School WhatsApp Group:

Hike&Fly Equipment

Supported also by the staging of the Red Bull X-Alps, pilots now have an excellent pool of lightweight equipment at their disposal. From ultra-light descents and single-skin paragliders to lightweight Hike&Fly capable cross-country flying equipment, pilots have a wide choice.

Hike&Fly Davos

Witihüreli (above Jakobshorn) Very suitable for easy winter hike&flys with snowshoes or touring skis
GPS: 46°45’8.00 “N 9°52’3.16 “E

Salezer Horn (Parsenn-Side) Guaranteed morning thermal connection thanks to south-east orientation GPS: 46°49’33.89 “N 9°49’25.23 “E

Sassauna (above Fanas) Hike&Fly classic with thermal connection to Rätikon
GPS: 47° 0’43.30 “N 9°41’52.11 “E

Sentischhorn (Speedflying-Hike&Fly Davos) Ski touring classic combined with racy speed flying run
GPS: 46°45’59.85 “N 9°54’49.59 “E

Grosses Schiahorn  (Parsenn-Side)
Hike&Fly classic high aboveDavos
GPS:  46°49’4.87″N  9°48’11.73″E

The Büelenhorn is the first mountain in the chain of mountains between Flüela and Dischma Valley. You can start off in a north or south direction.
GPS:  46°47’48.31″N  9°52’39.46″E

Strelapass (Parsenn-Side)
Easy Hike&Fly Tour
GPS: 46°48’29.83″N  9°48’2.98″E