Hike&Fly Paragliding

Hike&Fly Paragliding

The Davos landscape and the nearby Engadine offer countless possibilities for moderate and high-alpine hike and fly tours. And nothing is nicer than flying from a summit that you have climbed on your own.

In winter a Hike & Fky is possible as a ski or snowshoe tour.

We lead you to the summit and fly you down!

The tours are led by a mountain guide.

Some tour examples:

Climb and fly
Piz Cambrena (ice nose) , Palü (normal or eastern pillar), Bernina (normal or biancograt)

Snowshoe / ski tours and flying
Chörbschhorn, Schiahorn, Black Horn, Sentischhorn, Piz Palü, Piz Minor

Easy Hike&Fly Tours
Most hikes offer an opportunity to fly down. Especially in autumn there are very beautiful and unforgettable tours.
Schwarzhorn, Schiahorn, Sulzfluh (possibly via ferrata), Piz Mitgel to have enumerated only a few.