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Tandem flights Davos Klosters

Paragliding – Your sport for all seasons

The Air-Davos paragliding team includes full-time flight instructors, mountain guides, pilots with more than 30 years of flying experience and the former winner of the Swiss route flight contest.

On the mountains around Davos and Klosters, a variety of take-off places are available for our paragliding flight. If the weather permits, we fly daily in the year-round davos flight area. In winter we usually start at Jakobshorn from the Jatzhütte.

As pilots from Davos, we know our flight area like our back pocket and have already done well over 15,000 flights here.

In addition to unforgettable memories, you will also receive high-quality photos as well as a video of your flight (included in the price for all flights with us!).

  • Flight School

    Daily training: training as a paraglider pilot, tandem pilot, further training for certified pilots.

    Ongoing taster days and basic courses.

    Fly in the best flying areas of the Davos Klosters, Prättigau, Engadine and Rhine Valley region.

Davos Klosters Flight School

Learn to fly – From a practice slope to an independent pilot

Taster day & basic course: Start of your training on the training slope. Here you will learn the basic aviation craft within 4-5 days and carry out smaller flights from the first day onwards.

High-altitude flights: Depending on the weather conditions, we make upt to 5 flights a day. In addition to the airfields in Davos Klosters and the Prättigau, we also travel to suitable other training areas.

Theory: Your training also includes a theoretical part that prepares you for yourparagliding career as well as the theoretical examination. For this purpose, we offer theory lessons in Davos, Grüsch and online.

Exams: To prove your acquired knowledge, you must take a theory and practical examination. Corresponding examination dates are organised by the Swiss Hang Glider Association (SHV).

  • Shop & Test-Center

    Perfect advice for your purchase

Shop, Test-Center & Atelier

Our goal is to support you in your purchase decision with the best possible advice and test possibilities. After the purchase we offer you perfect service in our paragliding studio and in cooperation with the manufacturers. At our locations in Davos and Grüsch (Prettigau, Fanas flight area) we offer you the best possible infrastructure.

Davos Klosters: The Jakobshorn in Davos or the Gotschnagrat in Klosters offer you ideal testing possibilities all year round.

Grüsch (Prettigau, Fanas Air Area): Directly from our paragliding shop and studio you have a shuttle to different starting places and to the cable car Fanas. Test flights are also possible in the evening.

Online shop: We also offer all products via our online shop.

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